The DeNormandie Companies has a number of current ongoing projects. They recently submitted a Proposal for the development of a full-time public-market space on Parcel 9. This project will provide a heart for the growing public market district in Boston, and it will form a connection between the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway and the Holocaust Memorial through the historic Blackstone Block. The DeNormandie Companies are also planning development on Lewis Wharf and on DeNormandie Wharf in East Boston.



The DeNormandie Companies develops, maintains, and manages unique properties around the country. They have completed a number of renovations and restorations of existing buildings, renting them out for commercial and retail space. They also develop properties, coordinating architects, engineers, contractors, etc., to construct new buildings on key sites. Finally, DeNormandie Companies have a deep interest in land conservation, and they run a natural beef farm in Fair Haven, Massachusetts.

To find out more the properties listed on this website, please contact us for more information. We have both commercial and residential property. Call our office for a list of properties that are currently available for rental.

Historic and Environmental Preservation

The DeNormandie Companies fosters an interest in both historic and environmental preservation. Many of the properties that they manage in different cities across the country are located in historic neighborhoods or have particular historic significance. Over the years, the company has renovated and preserved a number of buildings in the Blackstone block, which boasts the last remaining section of Boston’s original street layout. While maintaining the historic quality of their properties, the DeNormandie Companies also strives to set an example for environmental preservation. In addition to being involved in numerous land conservation trusts, the company requires LEED certification for its new buildings, prioritizes recycling and sustainable waste management, and is looking into geothermal heating and cooling systems.