DeNormandie Companies, founded by Philip DeNormandie in the early 1980s, develops, maintains, and manages unique properties around the country. These sites are of special interest to Mr. DeNormandie because of their historical significance. For instance, the DeNormandie Companies are a major owner in the Blackstone block, Boston’s oldest existing historic block. They also are involved with Lewis Wharf, which was originally built and developed in the early 1800s and inherited and managed for some years by John Hancock. These and the companies’ additional historic properties provide residential and commercial space at various locations in and around Boston.

Outside of Massachusetts, the DeNormandie Companies have property in Louisiana and Arizona. They manage both office warehouses as well as single family residential development properties in New Orleans, Louisiana. In Tucson, Arizona, DeNormandie Companies renovated historic and traditional turn-of-the-century houses, many of which were originally developed as a result of the introduction of the railroad through Tucson.

In addition to property development, DeNormandie Companies has long been involved in the conservation of open space. Mr. DeNormandie cofounded the Bourne Conservation Trust in Cataumet, Massachusetts, which preserved over 300 acres of open space in the town of Bourne. He is on the board of the American Farmland Trust, which helps preserve farms in the United States through public policy and acquisitions. He is alos a member of the Advisory Council of the Maine Coast Heritage trust and the Vice President of the New England Forestry Foundation, which supports the preservation of working forests in New England.

DeNormandie Companies also runs and operates an all-natural Angus beef farm in Fairhaven, Massachusetts. The farm, which is approximately 500 acres of fields and woods, supports 100 head of Angus. They sell meat to private individuals who buy natural beef on a wholesale basis.